Build a Teacher Website in Minutes

On 18 & 19 March 2017, Jay Atwood (EdTechTeam) and I hosted the Taiwan Google Summit at Kaohsiung American School. In truth, this amazing edtech conference could not have happened without the support of the most innovative professional speakers in the field (Anita Chen, Vivian Lin, Mike Yung, etc.) and our team here at KAS (special accolades to the Tech Crew, the Tech Ambassadors, and of course Robert, Lena and Tom).

During this weekend long event, I lead a workshop on how to build a teacher website in minutes. I would like to share my resources here.
Google Summit in Taiwan This was a really energizing event for all who participated. Both days opened with brilliant keynotes. On Saturday, professor Benson Yeh lit up the assembly recalling his experience implementing the concepts of gamification in his university course.

On day 2, my friend Suan Yeo, education evangelist at Google gave us another insight into the future of education with his talk cleverly entitled #YouHadOneJob.


Design Better People

This is the L2Talk I gave at Learning2. Called "Design Better People", it focuses on how taking our students through the design cycle teaches them empathy, a positive, essential life skill.
Design Better People  TranscriptToday, I want to tell you a story, my story, as a cyberbully.  It happened long ago, when I was in Middle School.
Nowadays, you know how my story would begin:
You’re out for a pleasant walk on the Internet when you turn a corner and suddenly anger and hurt explode in your face.

My story could have happened on a YouTube video where invariably an anodyne conversation will lead to bitter exchanges in a very short time.

Experiencing trolls, cyberbullies directly or indirectly can be disorienting, even threatening.  And for our students, these are poor social norms to be followed. I believe designing with empathy can help correct those behaviors.
But my story took place in grade 6 when school photos were still in B&W.  Technically it was year 0 for the world wide we…

Redesign the Learning Experience

Thank you to all the participants of my workshop Redesign the Learning Experience at the Learning2 conference hosted by Saigon South International School.

Here are the resources that I am happy to share with everyone:

Google Drive Folder with all Resources
Both Friday and Saturday sessions are there including the trombinoscopes!

I Feel Lucky card deck
Deck of cards including all the questions to the I Feel Lucky icebreaker game

Poster  of the 4C's
These thinking routines are used for the reflective pieces for the team

Concepts - What key concepts do you think are important?Connections - What connections can you draw with other learningChallenge - What ideas do you want to challenge?Changes - What changes in attitudes are suggested?
Poster of the ISTE Technology Standards for Students (2016 revision)
The 2016 ISTE Standards are used as a first layer in the x+y combine to innovate process

Empowered learnerDigital citizenKnowledge constructorInnovative designerComputational thinkerCreativ…

Build a New Campus

This is an extract on the case study done by 21st Century Learning International on their consultancy during the staging phase of the construction of Kaohsiung American School new campus and its technology infrastructure.
KAS Blends its IT and Learning Technology Operations
The small IT department went without an office in the original designs. How would we create a technology support center to better suit their needs?

Unlike schools with large technology departments that separate IT and learning technology operations, KAS only retained a lean staff of three employees at the time. We hypothesized that centralizing all tech-based learning within one hub would build continuity between the effective delivery of IT learning experiences, dedicated technical support, and the involvement of the rest of the school’s community.

KAS Fosters a Flexible, Student-centered New Campus
21 Century Learning worked closely with the IT department to review and discuss their building designs, reviewing al…

Process Automation

This is an extract on the case study done by KiSSFLOW regarding the implementation of their process automation solution by Kaohsiung American School IT department.
The Need For Process Automation KAS has over a hundred strong staff and faculty who cater to over 600 students through K-12. Like most educational institutions, KAS too has numerous processes taking place throughout the academic year, finance; administrative and HR processes, most of which were carried out over paper. Even the simplest of processes, such as leave request approval, were taking days to complete. Although the flow of processes were well defined, the medium through which they were carried proved to have numerous cracks for them to fail.

Victor Boulanger; Lena Wang and Robert Chuang, the IT team at KAS, were looking for a system to transform their organisation into a more productive and paperless atmosphere. A simple system through which they could automate the organisation’s finance; administrative and HR proce…

Empower Digital Learning Leaders: The Tech Ambassadors Program

Preliminary Investigation: Learning Leaders
We have many great learning leaders at our school. A strategy to support them requires as a preliminary step to identify who these various actors are. Some have already been identified and organized:
Tech ambassadors program for teachersTech crew program for studentsOthers still need to be recognized:
Admin and leadership teamsTeachers who are not tech ambassadorsStudents who are not in the tech crewParentsTech Ambassadors Program We initiated a thorough review of the main axis of our  strategy to support and empower the learning leaders at Kaohsiung American School: the existing KAS Tech Ambassadors program. The following document details the origins of the program from its inception to its self-determined mission. It further examines the accomplishments and challenges that have been met leading to a reflective piece by Victor on its past 3 years. Tom develops the existing foundation into a the leadership platform it needs to become. The main …

Bring Coaching to your School

Since the adoption of a one-to-one environment in 2012, large investments were made into developing state of the art technology at Kaohsiung American School. These culminated in a complete integration of technology into the new campus inaugurated in May of 2015. The missing component was an equally strong system to enable our community to thrive by using this environment and infrastructure to redefine the learning experience of students at KAS. Thus the first Learning Technology Coach position was created at our school in August of 2015.

Lead, Collaborate, Share An in-depth discussion with Diana Beabout during her fortuitous visit at KAS in September allowed us to become conscious of the leadership potential in our existing Tech Ambassadors program. Innovators and early adopters establish the momentum that will effect transformation (What Are Innovators Like? Everett M. Rogers 1962 p.55). Tech Ambassadors are KAS lighthouses whose leadership skills need to be recognized and nurtured. H…