Build a New Campus

This is an extract on the case study done during the staging phase of the construction of Kaohsiung American School new campus and its technology infrastructure.

KAS Blends its IT and Learning Technology Operations

Our small IT department went without an office in the original designs. How would we create a technology support center to better suit our IT needs?

Unlike international institutions with large technology departments that separate IT and professional development operations, KAS only retained a lean staff of three employees at the time. We hypothesized that centralizing all tech-based learning within one hub would build continuity between the effective delivery of IT learning experiences, dedicated technical support, and the involvement of the rest of the professional community.

KAS IT Department Victor and Robert

KAS Fosters a Flexible, Student-centered New Campus

We reviewed and discussed the building designs, examining in great details all related aspects from the wall finishing and furniture to the technologies and professional development opportunities. Together, we established IT standards for multimedia rooms, offices, and other professional areas balanced for both the current and future technology needs of the campus.

KAS IT Department Robert and Lena

Today, the new KAS campus boasts state of the art technology infrastructures designed to suit the needs of all its users – with the ability to support a 1-to-1 environment where every one is provided with a laptop. It’s a setup that enables active learning, equipping its community with the technical and infrastructural support systems to achieve more.

Most of all, this setup effectively aligns with the institution’s dream of growing a community that is open and engaged.


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