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Empower Digital Leaders

Technology Innovators We have many great technology innovators in our international institution. A strategy to support them requires as a preliminary step to identify who these various actors are. Some have already been identified and organized: Tech ambassadors program established leaders Tech crew program for aspiring innovators Others still need to be recognized: Admin and leadership teams Users who are not yet tech ambassadors Onboarding users who are not in the tech crew Tech Ambassadors Program We initiated a thorough review of the main axis of our  strategy to support and empower the learning leaders at Kaohsiung American School: the existing KAS Tech Ambassadors program. The following document details the origins of the program from its inception to its self-determined mission. It further examines the accomplishments and challenges that have been met leading to a reflective piece by Victor on its past 3 years. Tom develops the existing foundation into a the leade

Implement Sustainable School-Wide Changes

Instead of one pre-observation meeting, Lulu and I had two. One reason for this was to find enough time to talk through the various aspects of the task. The second reason, just as important, was to give me enough time to reflect on the ideas that we shared during our first meeting. It allowed me to sleep on it (I value that process a lot), and query Natalie, our librarian and Tom, our learning technology coach (present in this course) for their suggestions. Team work! With her Cultural Fridays, Lulu had the perfect nucleus of a project for us. In teams of 3, her grade 4 students research and present on 3 aspects of a country, one team each month. This is a new project which Lulu is trying out this year and for which she has only given little oral guidance to her students so far. She was looking at ways to improve it while keeping this extra-credit activity fun and engaging. ISTE White Paper on Coaching The ISTE White Paper on Technology, Coaching and Community  was instrumental

Tekiota: Technology in Education One Byte at a Time

What is Tekiota? Tekiota was incepted in 2014. Tekiota is dedicated to offering advice on how to integrate technology in education. Tekiota: Technology in Education The articles published online are published as a once-a-week newsletter with 4 topics: a tip of the web, tip of the week tip of the web tip of the hat out back, a collection of links Tekiota Newsletter The Tekiota newsletter's audience is in the education community (teachers, students, parents, administrators). Sign up now to learn about the latest in technology in education.