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Redesign the Learning Experience

Thank you to all the participants of my workshop Redesign the Learning Experience at the Learning2 conference hosted by Saigon South International School. Here are the resources that I am happy to share with everyone: Google Drive Folder with all Resources Both Friday and Saturday sessions are there including the trombinoscopes ! I Feel Lucky card deck Deck of cards including all the questions to the I Feel Lucky icebreaker game Poster  of the 4C's These thinking routines are used for the reflective pieces for the team Concepts - What key concepts do you think are important? Connections - What connections can you draw with other learning Challenge - What ideas do you want to challenge? Changes - What changes in attitudes are suggested? Poster of the ISTE Technology Standards (2016 revision) The 2016 ISTE Standards are used as a first layer in the x+y combine to innovate process Empowered learner Digital citizen Knowledge constructor Innovative des