As an IT professional, I strive to design and implement simple and elegant solutions aiming to empower the end-user and enabling innovative ideas to cross-polinate the digital workplace.
My name is Victor Boulanger. I am an IT executive with over 16 years of leadership experience and my passion for design, technology and innovation led me on a multicultural journey in international organizations across 3 continents.

In my role as Director of Technology, I have taken part in the design and creation of entire wired and wireless infrastructure, the deployment of one-to-one programs, multiple mobile computing BYOD initiatives, new campus construction projects and company wide accreditations.

Today I am the IT director at KAS, Kaohsiung American School, a prestigious institution in Southern Taiwan. One thousand users on close to two thousand mobile devices connect to my network daily. This was not always the case. Our institution has grown 50% since I joined 6 years ago. We've moved to a new campus which I helped design.

To facilitate these major structural changes, I focus the efforts of my IT department on 3 main initiatives:
  1. I design and support innovative IT solutions for our digital workplace.
  2. I enrich the curriculum by integrating technology and training our users.
  3. I enhance our collaborative workspace by enabling digital processes and leveraging cloud based solutions.
My work at KAS has transformed the way we collaborate and interact. Because of this, I am often invited to share my expertise with other professionals at international technology conferences. Amongst the public presentations I have given on information and communication technology, I presented for UNESCO, Google, and EARCOS.

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Victor Boulanger

Victor Boulanger


I earned my Baccalaureate Degree in Science from Lycee Corneille and Law Degree from the Universite de Mont Saint Aignan in France. I also earned a Masters Degree in European Law while studying at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and a Masters in Information Technology Law from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.


I designed and managed the school network for Josephinum Academy in Chicago during 6 years. I then integrated the international schools' network at the International School of Curacao. Since 2012, I am the IT director at Kaohsiung American School in Taiwan where I focus on designing new processes for our digital workplace together with maintaining a secure and innovative IT infrastructure. I met my wife Jessica Faivre in Chicago and we now work and travel the globe together with our sons Leo and Mael.

My professional career also includes an extensive portfolio in multimedia design, information technology consultancy, and music production.


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