Process Automation

This is an extract on the case study done by KiSSFLOW regarding the implementation of their process automation solution by Kaohsiung American School IT department.

The Need For Office Process Automation

KAS is a hundred strong professionals who cater to over six hundred users across their campus. Like most international organizations, KAS too has numerous processes taking place throughout the year: finance, administrative and HR processes, most of which were carried out over paper.

Even the simplest of processes, such as leave request approval, was taking days to complete. Although the flow of office processes were well defined, the medium through which they were carried proved to have numerous cracks for them to fail.

Process Automation with KiSSFLOW

Together with Lena Wang, our Systems Analyst and Robert Chuang, our Senior Technology Specialist, I was looking for a system to transform our organisation into a more productive and paperless atmosphere. A simple system through which we could automate the organisation’s finance; administrative and HR process proved essential.

Automating Processes Through Workflows

My team and I sought a workflow solution that would enable them to initiate; approve and track requests. The simplicity in creating workflow processes convinced us to choose KiSSFLOW. Lena finds creating processes on KiSSFLOW quite straight forward. The ability to initiate and approve processes on the move has reduced the leave approval process cycle time at KAS.

We work on a tight schedule, attending to the needs of a few hundred users, ensuring the organisation functions without any glitches. For a team prioritizing productivity, time is its essential currency. With KiSSFLOW, our institution can automate as many reliable processes as we need, without spending much on time or money. We have been successful in automating the leave request process and the organisation’s HR onboarding experience too.

The difference is really in nights and days. What was taking days earlier now takes only a few minutes on KiSSFLOW. It brought a revolution to our workflow.


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