This is what my colleagues have to say about my work:

"I rate you as one of the top hires I have ever made. You came to us during our first year of the one-to-one computer initiative. This was quite a challenge because few pieces were in place and staff was not really prepared for this major transition. (...) (I)t was your leadership that paved the way and (it) would not have happened with this degree of success without you.(...) Our budget and budget process in IT was in turmoil for the years before you arrived. Today you have built a budget that is honest, realistic and focused on the future. Out School Board and myself have complete faith in you and support your budget requests and never have to question your purchase orders. You are frugal but still "Think Big" and lead us in a very positive way. (...) We have the perfect person heading up our IT Department, especially with the new school being built in the next two years. We thank you for a job very well done."
Dr. Thomas Farrell - Superintendent
Kaohsiung American School (June 2013)

"In 2001, Josephinum Academy made a commitment to increase significantly the use of computers and other technology in our teaching and administrative work. During the last five years, we were able to create three Internet accessible computer laboratories, wire all classrooms and offices in the building for Internet access, and acquire new computers for use by our faculty staff and students (our computer ratio is now one computer for every two students in the school). In the last two years we have moved to curriculum mapping, on-line grading, and next on the agenda is allowing parents to access data about how their daughters are performing in their various classes through our website. Coordinating this major transformation was an enormous task and would not have been accomplished without the leadership vision, and hard work of Victor Boulanger.(...) He has my highest recommendation."
Anne L. Waring, PhD - President
Josephinum Academy (April 2007)

"Victor is highly influential among the faculty - this year he has been at the forefront of designing and implementing professional development initiatives for the faculty with great success."
Karen Ekpenyong - Dean of Students
Josephinum Academy (April 2007)

"In my years of teaching, I have had the the privilege to work with many talented people. I honestly have to say that I've rarely found such a wealth of qualities in one person, Victor has enthusiasm, a great sense of humor, profound knowledge of the subject, and the ability to communicate his passion for learning to everyone around him."
Mark DeSalvo - Consultant
Josephinum Academy (May 2004)

Victor Boulanger


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