The Coaching Classroom with Kim Cofino

On September 1st, Tom Hammerlund and I are starting the course "Coaching: From Theory to Practice" taught by Kim Cofino via Eduro Learning.

Eduro Learning: Empower, Leverage, Build, Learn

We are both very excited about this course for two main reasons:

  1. Kim was my wife's instructor when she took her COETAIL class. We have grown to know and respect Kim as an amazing educator and leader in her field via her initiatives with COETAIL at Yokohama International School, and now at NIST in Bangkok and of course Eduro.

  2. Tom and I both work at Kaohsiung American School where Tom started on August 1st, 2015 as our first Learning Technology Coach, a momentous position which I have patiently waited for ever since I joined KAS as the Director of Learning Technology back in August 2012.

You can follow my writings for this course on this website.


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